Customer and Employee Engagement

With Treedom you can improve your customer loyalty and employee engagement by conveying a prositive and inspiring story. Link your business goals to sustainability values to make your brand stronger and more credible.

A tree is a very engaging gift

Planting a tree proves your environmental commitment and gifting it is the best way to communicate to others your values and respect for the planet. A tree is a gift that lasts over time, creating a strong bond with those important to your company (stakeholders, employees, consumers).
Each Treedom tree can be gifted through a simple email, a QRcode or by using one of our green gadgets.

Let-Me-Choose Codes

With our Let Me Choose codes, you gift a tree, allowing the recipient to choose what kind of tree to plant. In doing so, your gift recipients will feel more involved from the first moment.

Games and Competitions

Whether it's a mini-game to make members of your community compete with each other or a social media competition based on your needs, we'll help you convey your messages in a playful way. Use Treedom as an interactive tool to strengthen the connection with your customers, your employees or anyone you want to engage with.

Success story

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