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to engage your customers to engage your employees to strenghten your brand to do good for the planet and for your business

Are you looking for the right business partner to launch a green initiative with tangible environmental and social benefits? Build your own corporate forest with Treedom and you will be able to communicate with credibility how your innovative action has had a positive impact on nature and on the communities that take care of it.


Demonstrating your commitment has never been easier

Our mission is to make environmental and social initiatives simple and fun. Tree after tree, we make the world a greener place, creating value for you, your company and the entire planet. #LetsGreenThePlanet

Transparency and Geolocation

Thanks to the Treedom Standard methodology and our IT platform, we guarantee maximum transparency, because every single tree is photographed and geolocated.

The right partner to do the right thing

A team of 23 professionals including experts in forestry, IT and communications. Our experience and passion allow us to communicate your message very effectively as proven by our clients' experiences.

Our services

Employee Engagement

Looking for the perfect corporate gift? With Treedom you can give exciting gifts that last over time. Are you looking for a way to involve your employees in your company's environmental efforts? With Treedom, each employee will participate in a positive story.

Marketing & Communication

Do you want to improve your brand's reputation in a transparent and tangible way? Do you want others to talk about your company, or your product, through a positive story that engages your audience effectively? By choosing Treedom you can distinguish yourself in a concrete, transparent and engaging way.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Do you want to engage your stakeholders through active participation and share your commitment with them? Treedom can help you communicate your sustainability, involving your stakeholders, with a new and positive story.

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